Here’s a question for you–at what point is it best to get a website designer for your website? 


  1. Before you’ve even started developing your website
  2. Mid-way through the build
  3. After you’ve launched your new site


While it’s my firm belief that A (before you’ve even started developing your website) is the correct answer, you would be surprised how many people choose answers B and C. 


And, at what point did they know they needed a website designer? Here are five scenarios that I’ve seen the most pop up when people come to me. 

  • Their website isn’t meeting the standards they envisioned. 


In this scenario, when a client comes to a website designer, it’s because they thought they could build the website on their own, but it’s not coming together the way they had visualized it. 


Website design doesn’t seem that hard. It’s just placing text and images, right? And, nowadays, many website building platforms are drag and drop. 


Website design is hard and taxing. Website design encompasses elements that many individuals (website designers) go to school and are trained for. These elements can include:


  • Visual Elements: This can consist of the written content, brand identity (fonts, brand colors, and logos), images, and videos, as well as the layout of each page. 
  • Fundamental Elements: These elements are much more technical and can help drive traffic such as the navigation menu, site structure, and how fast your website pages load. 


Knowing how to build a cohesive website isn’t easy, even if one-stop template website shops tell you so. 

  • They don’t want to use their website, even though it’s new. 


Unfortunately, this one can happen often. When a client spends time and money on having a website built and comes out on the other end embarrassed to use it, it’s never a good sign. 


Whether they built the site or worked with someone else, if a website doesn’t reflect well on you, your brand, or your company, it’s hard to even want to use it. 

  • Thinking about their website stresses them out. 


This is one of the scenarios that fit our answer A. Often, when a client decides that they need a website designer to build their site, they have no clue what needs to be on it. No two websites are identical, and it can be challenging to know if what you want to put on it is what your customers want to see. This process is stressful, and many business owners put it off until the very end. 


A website designer will have a thorough process that will relieve your headache. From thinking about content to design aspects to search engine optimization strategy, they’ll have a plan for everything. 

  • Their website keeps breaking. 


Whether you have an old or new website, there’s nothing worse than having things break. From images to links to back-end plug-ins that’s supposed to make having a website easy, it’s a hassle to try and remedy the situation. 


Frequently, a client will opt to contract with a website designer for monthly maintenance. This takes the pressure away from them to keep their website up to date while also keeping it up and running. 


  • Their website is a road without a map.


We’ve all been in this situation. From the start, we get to a website and have no clue where to go to find what we’re looking for. It’s a common problem that many websites have. 


Many business owners don’t think about how their customers think and what drives them through the site. They think that talking about their company’s history will do the trick in terms of enhancing their sales process. Unfortunately, this line of thinking compounded with having an unclean website can actually lose you visitors. 


Do any of these scenarios sound family? Perhaps, you’re experiencing one of them now. I encourage you to reach out to a website designer before it’s too late, and you have to re-do a brand new website. A website, especially the foundation, should last you years, not a couple of months. If you have questions about your website, stop by my website here