You’ve decided that your business needs a website. Now, you’re wondering if you can do it yourself because you’ve seen website platforms that promise templates that are easy to use. 


Unfortunately, what many of those websites aren’t telling you is that they’re built for individuals who don’t want customized website pages and are okay with static templates that are hard to change. While many people choose this option, I fully believe hiring a website design is your best option. I am so confident that I can give you five reasons. 


  • Your website has a purpose. Your website designer can help you bring it together. 


Building a website without a purpose is frivolous for everyone involved. You’re spending time and money to build a platform that performs how you want it to. Sometimes, understanding the purpose of your website can be challenging. You may not know the actions you want your website users to take. 


A website designer will be able to help you understand your website’s purpose and the actions your users will take on their buyer’s journey. Your website designer will ask you questions such as what a customer does once they contact you and what questions your customers typically ask. 


These questions can determine the user(s) path, overall site structure, and what all goes on your website’s pages. 


  • Leave website sliders in the past. Your website designer will steer you to up-to-date trends. 


We’ve all been on websites where there were too many flashes, the home page slider was moving too fast and some of the buttons didn’t work. It’s frustrating, and I’ll take a guess that after looking at that website, you left. 


Unfortunately, many individuals who need a website built don’t have the first clue of what’s up-to-date. From best practices for the home page to what should be showcased in the navigation bar, it’s essential that an experienced website designer help you with this. They are trained individuals that have to keep up-to-date with what’s on-trend and what’s getting left on the side. This can include best practices for the presentation of your website down to what should be housed in your footer. 


  • Half the population uses their phone. Your website designer will make it mobile-friendly. 


With more than half the population using their phones to browse websites, it’s essential that your website be responsive to any screen size. This means that when your user is on your website, they won’t have the need to horizontally scroll, all they’ll need to do is scroll down. 


Responsive design will make the user experience smooth. It also has many other benefits such as getting indexed and ranked on Google first and your website experiencing traffic increases. 


  • Unsure of what you want your website to look like? Your website designer will have your back. 


As a new business owner or someone new to the website universe, you may not know that finding brand colors and fonts will help you maintain consistency for your company long-term and build a user experience that will bring your users back time and time again. 


From your content, images on your website all the way to long-term brand consistency, a website designer will sit down with you to discuss what feels natural to your brand. 


During this time, your website designer may develop mood boards, have you look at different color swatches and explore other websites that you like. 


  • Your website shouldn’t break after one month. Your website designer will see to that. 


Would you rather have a website that performs smoothly or a website that breaks and has hiccups every couple of months due to plug-in failures or not seeing a rise in traffic?


Hiring a website designer will accomplish the first. Why? It’s important that website designers stay up-to-date on the latest website trends such as modern design, recommended plug-ins, search engine optimization best practices and more. 


With a website designer, you don’t need to worry about researching the most up-to-date plug-ins because they will do it for you. Not only that, but they’ll be able to work with you to make your website search-friendly and your content optimized to perform at its best. 


After reading through my top reasons for hiring a website designer, have you decided to still build your own website? A website that performs for years to come is what you need. 


If you’re still researching what you need for a top-performing website, don’t forget to check out my guide, 9 Tips for a Perfect Lead Generating Website.


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.