3 Tips for Improving your Website

It’s always a disappointing feeling when your website isn’t working for you, right?    Your website visitors are landing on your homepage, but seem confused where to go next…   And, if they make it to the next page, it looks like they’re leaving immediately…   Worse yet, traffic is up this month, but you’re […]

7 Essentials You Need to Have Before Hiring a Website Designer

Raise your hand if you know exactly what to do before you look for a website designer.    Don’t feel bad if you’re a bit unsure. The good news is that I want to provide you with clarity in what exactly you need to have done before you start looking for a website designer.    […]

You Know You Need a Web Designer When…

Here’s a question for you–at what point is it best to get a website designer for your website?    Before you’ve even started developing your website Mid-way through the build After you’ve launched your new site   While it’s my firm belief that A (before you’ve even started developing your website) is the correct answer, […]

What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need it?

Did you know that mobile devices accounted for more than half of website traffic worldwide this year? That’s right. More than half of the population used their phones to explore a website.    You may be wondering, “what’s this information have to do with me?” If you have a website or are about to hire […]

Why do I need a website designer?

You’ve decided that your business needs a website. Now, you’re wondering if you can do it yourself because you’ve seen website platforms that promise templates that are easy to use.    Unfortunately, what many of those websites aren’t telling you is that they’re built for individuals who don’t want customized website pages and are okay […]

5 Reasons You Need a Website for Your Small Business

Imagine this, you’ve posted on social media and created a brand presence. Now, you’re wondering, is it necessary for your small business to have a website?    You might even be thinking since revenue is not coming in right away, you need to find ways to save money. Couldn’t you wait to get a website […]

5 LinkedIn Posts You Can Create If You’re Not a Writer

Stuck for ideas about what to post? It can be hard to sit down and stare at a blank screen. I used to feel the same way. The good news is, as a web designer, you’ve got more things to create great LinkedIn content than you may realize 🙂.  Web design is a visual art. […]

How to Create Compelling LinkedIn Content

Are you feeling at a loss for ideas of what to post on LinkedIn?  It can feel overwhelming, especially when you see other connections generate content with ease (or at least it looks to be easy).  Here’s the thing–I’ve felt that way too.  I’m writing this article today to share what I’ve learned from my […]