Imagine this, you’ve posted on social media and created a brand presence. Now, you’re wondering, is it necessary for your small business to have a website? 


You might even be thinking since revenue is not coming in right away, you need to find ways to save money. Couldn’t you wait to get a website until after you grow?


While building a website does involve an initial cost upfront, it’s still a worthwhile investment. Why? Because a website acts as your first marketing engine and establishes your legitimacy as a business. 


A website (built the right way) will add value to your small (or new) business. Check out these five reasons why you should have a website. 


  • A Carefully-Crafted Website Builds Your Authority

A well-designed website helps establish your authority in your field. It provides social proof, such as testimonials, past work, or videos that show your prospective clients the knowledge and skills you have, as well as who you have helped. 


  • An Engaging Website Helps You Convert Leads

If trust in your business is established, interest in your business will follow. People who visit your website and stay awhile to engage with your content are much more likely to become interested in the services you offer. 

Build trust with your website users by serving them content they want to see for the services they are looking for. This could be in-depth website pages or blogs and videos detailing a customer’s journey. 


  • Your Website can be Used as Your Marketing Tool

Google indexes websites and ranks pages on the quality and relevance to keyword searches. According to HubSpot, 49 percent of users say they use Google to discover a new item or product. 


Creating a professional website allows your company to appear in organic search results of people already looking for services you provide. 


Marketing is the fuel for your business–it helps you bring in leads and, ultimately, future clients. Not only can you optimize your website for search, but you can have content such as educational website pages, videos, guidebooks, and more to use as your marketing materials. 


  • Your Website can Help You Filter Leads 


When a person visits your website, they check out your company without you having to reach out to call (and avoid some cold calling). If visitors are interested in your services, they will reach out to you. Instead of pursuing people who may not end up being interested in your company, you’ll find that the people who reach out are interested in what you can provide. 


Bonus tip: Use call-to-actions on your website to help filter your prospective leads’ level of interest!


  • You’ll Have the Ability to Showcase Your Work in One Place


Your website is truly a one-stop-shop for the work you’ve done. The great thing about a website is that it’s built to be dynamic and change as your business needs it to. For example, if you’re adding a new service or product and need to highlight work you’ve done, you’ll have the opportunity to add that as a website page, blog, video or other assets. Then, two years down the road, you’ve changed an aspect of that service, you’ll be able to update and optimize easily.

Building a new website as a new or old business can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it alone. There are a lot of questions before, during, and especially after your website is built. If you want to start the website process, but need to know if it’s going to do anything for you, check out my easy 9-Point Checklist to the Perfect Lead-Generating Website, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 


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